February 6th, 2012

PlayBook 2.0: Ready for Primetime

Allow me to add my voice to the many that said Research in Motion, RIM, launched the PlayBook before it was ready.

But unlike other manufacturers who came and left the tablet market, you have to give RIM credit for sticking to their PlayBook, pardon the pun.

February will see RIM delivering the much anticipated PlayBook 2.0 operating system as a free upgrade. Previewed at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January, this 2.0 version of the operating system for the PlayBook finally delivers a compact powerhouse of a tablet. Let’s take a closer look at what has been added.

The most talked-about feature in 2.0 is “Built-in messaging”. Note that it is called “messaging” and not email client. It consolidates all a person’s social media and email accounts into one place. LinkedIn, Twitter, email and more are all at your fingertips in the same app.

The multifunction aspect of the PlayBook extends into this app, so you could have multiple messages open while you research and compose your own email, flipping between the opened emails.

The search function also extends throughout the app, so it can search amongst all your Twitter, LinkedIn and email messages.

The Contact manager that is attached to the messaging app is more of a social hub. More than just a list of names, addresses and phone numbers, it allows you to see the social media profiles of the people you are messaging.

Also attached to this social hub is a unique Calendar app. An appointment made in this will also incorporate the profiles of the people attending the meeting.

One wild feature here is the graphical representation of a busy schedule. As you make more and more appointments, the date block within the calendar gets larger and the typeface grows bolder. At a glance, you can tell what day of the week is getting busy which prompts you to adjust your appointments.

BlackBerry owners rejoice. The best feature is reserved for you. You can now use your BlackBerry as the input keyboard or remote control for the PlayBook. If you have a BlackBerry with a touch-screen, you can use it like a touchpad.

Just think. Connect your PlayBook through the HDMI cable to your TV or projector. Stand back and control your presentation or video with your BlackBerry.

Travel a lot?

You can “print” your airline boarding passes, itinerary, hotel confirmations and maps from your BlackBerry via Wifi to your PlayBook. No more digging around in your smartphone while the line-up is growing at the security gate. Open up your PlayBook and flip through the pages of the documents on the screen like they were pieces of paper, without the paper part.

For the thousands of PlayBook users out there, this is worth the wait. We’ll be tweeting the launch date the moment we find out.

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Written by Cedric Tetzel

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