August 27th, 2015

Hot New Games for September!

You thought we had a good summer for games? We did! But the fall is going to be even bigger! Let’s take a look at the new titles releasing in September.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Release Date: September 1st
Platforms: XBOX360, XBOX One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

In the latest game in the long running series players will take on the role of Venom Snake (aka Big Boss) as he ventures into 1984 Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war in order to find those who nearly killed him in the previous game Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

A number of new features are coming this time around but perhaps most exciting is the ability to approach missions in many different ways. Previous Metal Gear games would set you on a specific path for during missions while Phantom Pain will let you decide how you want to get them done. Add to that an even more massive open world, home base building, a pet dog, rock climbing, and a host of other new things to explore and you have the makings of a classic.


Mad Max


Release Date: September 1st
Platforms: XBOX One, PlayStation 4

Explore the world of Max Rockatansky! Your car, the iconic Interceptor, is stolen and you’re left for dead in the wasteland. You go on a quest to reclaim it and build the ultimate car, the Magnum Opus, and then go on to take revenge on those that left you to rot in the sun, all the while scrounging for scarce supplies..

This game is not a direct tie in the this summer’s amazing Mad Max film Fury Road but you will get to visit many places in from the films including Gas Town and Thunderdome and the big bad is the son of Fury Road’s Immortan Joe, Scaborous Scrotus.


Tearaway Unfolded

Release Date: September 8th
Platforms: PlayStation 4

2013’s critical sensation for PlayStation Vita is coming to the PS4! All the features you love, the fun gameplay, the intricate characters and world, the ability to customize the world, all in the effort to deliver you a special message, are coming to the next generation console in full 1080p clarity at 60 frames per second. If you have played this one you’ll want to experience it, and it’s extended storyline, again and if you haven’t then now is the perfect time to play this critically lauded game!


Forza Motorsport 6

Release Date: September 15th
Platforms: XBOX One

Racing fans rejoice! A new Forza! This time around we’re getting over 450 cars which can be raced on 26+ tracks! The amazing graphics and physics you’ve come to expect have all been ramped up and now, to make things more realistic, you can race in the rain! Unlike previous games where the rain was just cosmetic, in Forza 6 it will impact the track making it slippery and depending how you drive you could even end up hydroplaning! So strap in and put your foot down, but be mindful of the weather during the 24 car races!


NHL 16

Release Date: September 15th
NHL 16 Platforms: XBOX One, PlayStation 4
NHL Legacy Edition Platforms: XBOX360, PlayStation 3

NHL is back! Join in with full 6 vs 6 online play, or have your whole team sitting beside you on the couch! Manage the team, or play individual games, or join the new EASHL and create custom teams to play with, all in the full glory of next generation gaming consoles. If you have an XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3 don’t worry, NHL Legacy has you covered with all the most important features of the game.


Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition

Release Date: September 15th
Platforms: XBOX360, XBOX One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

The first year of Destiny is drawing to a close with the games third expansion, The taken King. The Legendary Edition of the game will include Destiny and all it’s DLC packs. The Taken King expansion adds new areas, new subclasses for all character types, new player vs. player multiplayer modes, and a whole new story to explore.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Release Date:: September 15th
Platforms: PlayStation 4

It’s the 20th Anniversary of Pro Evo Soccer! The stalwart franchise is back with all your favourite Euro leagues to play, as well as the 2016 UEFA Euro 2016 Cup which will be added later.



Release Date: September 22nd
Platforms: XBOX360, XBOX One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

This might be the most exciting new FIFA match for we Canadians as this year EA has finally added Women’s National Teams to the game which means we can play as fan favourite Christine Sinclair! There are a ton of new gameplay refinements and features too but what else do you really need to know?!


NBA Live 16

Release Date: September 29th
Platforms: XBOX One, PlayStation 4

September is the month of sports titles! NBA Live returns with new online play modes, updated rosters, and via a companion app the ability to scan your face for custom players and join the game yourself!

So there you have it! The biggest month of games in 2015 so far! Come join us and get yourself in the game!!

To view all available games online, or pre-order any of the above, click here
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