January 8th, 2015

Day 2 – CES2015


Well, let’s start with what I thought was the sexiest tech item at the show I have seen so far: the new Sony XBR series with a screen so thin, it looks like it is floating 0n air. Yes, the on screen image is beautiful. Yes, the bezel is an example of minimalist design. Sony has done such a fine job over the years on producing great TV’s, such features are no longer surprising. However, when you check out how incredibly thin this TV is, you’d be amazed.
It’s art. It’s engineering. It’s both.

ces2Speaking of art, check out the Epson P600 printer. Designed for photo enthusiast, this new wide 13-inch  carriage printer, based on the Epson UltraChrome® HD Ink technology, gives gorgeous black and white prints. Colour is not that shabby either.

ces3If you are like me and have thousands of digital images filed away on harddrives, you may want to check out the Verbatim M-discs. Available in DVD-R and Blu-ray formats, these blank discs incorporate Milleniata technology and boasts of archivability of up to 1000 years. The DVD format requires M-disc compatible drives, but the Blu-ray can be used in any Blu-ray recordable drive. I already back up my images onto two harddrives, but backing up to a stable and permanent media offers another level of security.

Most computers serve multiple users or users with multiple needs. There are gamers who need the best responding mouse and there are business users needing wireless convenience for their apps. What if you can have both in one mouse? Iogear thinks you can the best of both world with the Chimera M3 mouse. Use it as a normal wireless mouse for the everyday business apps. Then, unplug the USB cable from the base charging unit and plug it into the mouse directly, flip the mouse over and flick the switch over to “game” and you now have a fast responding wired device to challenge the most demanding PC game.
Check out this video
ces4                  ces5

ces64K is not just for TV’s. 4K is building a string fan base amongst gamers, designers, photographers and others. Samsung, LG and others showed off their new 4K monitors. LG’s 31 inch 31MU97 delivers 4096×2160 resolution. It can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation. It delivers both sRGB and Adobe RGB onscreen experience. AND it is sharp. One look and my only comment was WOW.

Cedric Tetzel

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  1. Dave says:

    Looking forward to hearing about CES and then seeing what actually shows up at London Drugs. Wonder if D-Link can make a Nighthawk killer?

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