March 8th, 2016

Windows 95 – We’ve Come A Long Way…

Windows 95 was released as of this posting just a little over 20 years ago. This operating system brought many innovations to personal computing, the most common being the “start” button that still exists in Windows 10. You may not have realized that teenagers today were all born after ’95 and the relative simplicity of their smartphones, tablets and even computer operating systems is taken for granted. Here’s a video of teenagers’ reactions to Windows 95.

January 21st, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens


I’ve seen my fair share of science fiction movies which attempt to predict the future of virtual or augmented reality. Many showcase technology, imagined by writers and directors, that immerses the user within a virtual world – aptly described as Virtual Reality or VR for short. The problem for me personally is that this technology essentially replicates what you currently see on screen but in 360 degree perspective; there isn’t a real sense of self within that experience. Well today Microsoft announced a game-changer which they call Microsoft HoloLens.

What is HoloLens? Put simply it’s a computer built within a headset that projects holograms into your first person field of vision, essentially adding artificial objects into your reality. Picture looking at a car and trying to figure out instructions to change a tire. Now imagine each step projected on to your car showing you exactly how to do that? Now imagine sitting on your couch and tapping the air to enlarge a huge holographic TV to watch a game or movie? The applications of this are also huge for 3D modeling for 3D printing, which was demonstrated today by creating a quad copter using the software included with HoloLens.

The applications of this technology are mind boggling to say the least and will change what we view as being a computer, how we navigate through our day to day activities, and even what we perceive as being real or imagined. This is just the beginning.

Want to see more? Much has already been written following today’s announcement and rather than attempt to re-write that I’ve included the links to many of those articles below. I’d recommend first checking out the official HoloLens site at


The Verge



September 16th, 2014

Office 365 – Your modern Office keeps getting better

The Office that goes where you go

Did you know that over a billion people on the planet use Microsoft Office?  With that many people Microsoft wants to make sure everyone can experience Office on many devices and platforms. Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users already enjoy the ability to use Office for Mobile. PC and Mac users experience the “classic” Office the way we are all accustomed to. This all comes together with an Office 365 Subscription. You can stay connected and experience the latest versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on so many different devices. One annual subscription and you are all set for an Office experience like never before.


November 1st, 2013

Microsoft Surface Review

I recently had the opportunity to borrow a Microsoft Surface tablet to take with me to our annual General Merchandise and Cosmetics conference in beautiful Whistler, BC. This was the first year that I opted to go paperless with my note-taking and I was more than a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the rapid-fire pace of product information that our vendors share in the time that they have with us.

Besides the standard meetings, there is a two-day trade show where vendors set up booths. During the show we travel from booth-to-booth and get 15-minute presentations on that vendor’s company and product information—it’s not unlike speed-dating! I chose the Surface RT for its compact & lightweight format and all-day battery life. The fact that it runs Microsoft’s full Office suite of software was also a huge bonus, it meant that I could easily send my completed notes to my work email at the end of the conference and be done—no more hours spent re-typing pages of hurriedly scrawled notes afterward!


April 30th, 2013

Did you know this about the new Office?

There are two different types of Office software products available from Microsoft:

Office 365 – A one year subscription single product that allows you to install on up to 5 PC, Mac or Windows based tablets per license key.

Office for Mac or PC 2013 – A timeless version that can be installed on only one PC, Mac or tablet per version.   Sold separately as PC and Mac versions.


April 30th, 2013

Tech Talk: ‘Facebook er I mean Microsoft calling, you have a virus!’ Click this picture to LOL

Jeff and I talk about another way scammers try and get your personal information. Not only are they calling telling you your computer is infected but they’re getting your information from Facebook apps that hijack your account

Julian Sanders
in @LD_Saskatoon for @LDComputers

March 6th, 2013

3 Things Skydrive Can Do

It’s been a buzz term so long I bet you’ve tuned it out already. I want to share with you three things I do with (insert booming voice here) THE CLOUD.

I’ve used web based cloud storage services since they first started. I love how easy it is to share files with others and get access to my stuff on whatever device I want. First I should explain what cloud storage is. READ MORE

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