April 17th, 2014

Windows 7 – something familiar

We have a choice that’s more familiar to you than the current Windows 8 computers, Windows 7. Windows 8 has many new features like apps and touch screen optimization, but some us don’t need or want to change. We are comfortable with the easy to use familiarity we have honed for years.

London Drugs has heard you and have a solution.

Windows XP had a great run. It’s time to break up with it. You’re familiar with the way everything was laid out in Windows XP. Once you learned where everything was you may have thought there was never a reason to change. Now that Microsoft no longer updates Windows XP you may be looking for a new tower rather than installing a new operating system on your old hardware.

London Drugs has built our own Certified Data system for those seeking the familiarity of XP that need a new tower and don’t want to go to Windows 8 yet.


·     AMD A6 6400K 3.9Ghz Dual-Core (4.1Ghz Max Turbo)
·     8GB DDR3 (Max. 64GB)
·     WD1TB Blue Hard Drive
·     Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64–bit

We offer local service and support so if any questions come up we are only a phone call away. You can walk into our stores and ask any of our local experts in person, real face time. Certified Data is London Drugs own brand so you know you’ll always get a superior experience without dealing with toll free numbers.

More details in store or visit:


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