May 18th, 2012

We are Certified Data

Exclusive to London Drugs

You may have heard of us before. We are Certified Data and we are London Drugs.

Since 1984 London Drugs have been assembling computers right here in Canada. If there’s a problem we’ll fix it at any London Drugs store; not at some anonymous and distant repair depot.

Here’s a video showcasing our desktops:

If you look at our specifications and features, you’ll find that we make stuff with some pretty amazing hardware inside, but did you know:

  • Every single unit we make is tested with a full Windows operating system loaded. Our technicians burn in each and every unit to make sure that each component is working to spec and talking to the rest of the machine as expected.
  • Our builds are all approved in the Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) program. WHQL is a process that tests all of the components inside a computer to make sure they are talking to each other and to Windows. This certification ensures our chosen configuration is fully compatible with Windows and not just a patchwork of components.
  • Before we sell any system we get it tested and approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). In doing this, our customers can be reassured that the computer they are buying meets or exceeds the strict Canadian electrical safety standards, which are some of the toughest in the world.
  • We take great care of even the smallest details. For instance: we are careful to wrap and tie all of the cables inside to ensure airflow is not obstructed which allows for more efficient cooling and greater longevity for all the components of the system.
  • We do not install anything that is not necessary on our computers. We install all the drivers for the machine to function. We install the Microsoft Office 2010 kit on our systems as a convenience so you can quickly install it with your product key or try it out for free and see which edition is right for you.
  • Recovery media is included: no need to make recovery discs or take up space with a recovery partition. In case you need it, you have it.
  • We offer built-to-order systems so you can pick which configuration is perfect for you and we still do all of the testing and certifications. Don’t just dream about the perfect computer for yourself. Let us know what it is and see if we can build it for you: just for you.
More information available online
You can talk with us on Twitter

But I suggest you come into one of our stores and check them out in person, let us show you what we have to offer.

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