June 8th, 2012

E3 Conference – Day 3

Well today is it, the last day of E3. Nothing much happened, so this will be very brief. There was no “wow” factor today, just game play.

Here are the new cool trailers:

Lego: the Lord of the Rings: Why is it cool? Umm it’s Lego.. so it is awesome. But what makes it even more awesome is the fact that the game has taken the actual spoken dialogue; spoken from the actual actors; from the actual movie and are having the Lego characters speak it during the cut scenes. So Lego Sam Gamwise, is spoken by Sean Astin. Sweet!!!! View here…

Aliens: Colonial Marines: Looks better than the fourth movie.( Aliens Resurrection) View here…

Splinter Cell: Black list: Looks good. And here is the trailer. View here…

I hope everyone enjoyed my posts.

Goodbye for now,

– Craig Ewing @LD_Brentwood

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