August 19th, 2013

#LDTouchTech Twitter Party

LDTouchTech_403x403It’s that time of year again – time to get back to class and back to business. London Drugs is hosting another great online event to showcase some cool tools for back to school.

Join our tech team for a Twitter party on Tuesday, August 27 to learn more about the evolution of touch screen technology, why it’s so prominent in today’s devices, and some of the latest and greatest products in touch screen technology available at London Drugs. You’ll also have a chance of winning one of several $50 London Drugs gift cards.

Join us:

Date: Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. PST
Location: Online – Twitter
Hashtag: #LDTouchTech

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July 9th, 2013

5 Must Have Accessories for Tablets

Top 5 “must have” accessories for a tablet

Below are my top five accessories that I think all people need for their tablet. These five accessories  are items that I personally use myself. (Well actually four accessories  if you buy a combo case) Overall my primary use of a tablet is to check emails; look up some info on some websites;  play some games; and occasionally use it for some writing.

1)      Case/ Cover: Just like people, cases come in various sizes and shapes and colours. Most of the cases we carry will have a lid that can be converted into a typing or viewing angle. Also most of the cases will automatically turn the case into “off” (sleep mode) when the lid is closed.

You can even purchase specialty cases that have built in keyboards or are “ruggedized” to military standards. (Shock / vibration/ water and sand proof).

Your typical case will run from $30 and up while the specialty cases regular price can range from $80 and up.

2)      Screen Protector: Nothing worse than a scratch on the screen of your tablet. If you have ever had one you cannot help but notice it every time you use the tablet. (This reminds me of Austin Powers in Goldmember when he sees Fred Savage with the large Mole on his face and can’t help but stare at it.). Besides protecting your screen from MOLE (sorry, I mean scratches); some screen protectors are anti glare which means they will reduce the glare from the sun when you are outside.

Your typical screen protector ranges from $20 to $30.

3)      Stylus Pen: I was originally a “no” on this (and when I mean a “no;” I mean this looks like a cash-grab no). And then I started to use the tablet a lot; which means I started to have to constantly clean the screen a lot and, frankly, I don’t like cleaning. My fiancée (sorry ladies I am taken) suggested that I try her stylus pen. It is now a must have. Prices start at $15.

4)      Bluetooth Keyboard: if you are doing any large amount of typing; a Bluetooth keyboard will make your life so much easier. Prices start at $70 and up. It may seem pricey but after my first eight hour conference of typing with the built in keyboard; the $70 investment was nothing.

5)      Mobile Charger: These allow you to charge various USB devices (tablets, phones etc.) in your car. I personally use this charger about as often as I use the regular charger. Prices start at $25 and up.

I hope you enjoyed my writing. Please feel free to leave comments below. Originally Julian (one of our chief writers) was asked to write about his favorite accessories, but it seems he is too busy. (What he is doing in Saskatoon I am not sure)

Thank you for your time,
in @LD_NewWest for @LDComputers

March 27th, 2013

What’s a Kribbitt?

It looks like a rubber covered pretzel. Its name sounds like something you would hear on a summer trek through the back country. BUT it works like a charm for anyone who has a Tablet.

It’s the Kribbitt.

Invented by Paul Carmichael who lives in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, it is fun, funky and functional. Paul engineered the Kribbitt to be simple, useful, and immensely practical. All assembly is done right here in Canada, in beautiful British Columbia.

Unwrap the package and think “easel”, because that’s basically what it is. Put your iPad, Full size or Mini, Surface or whatever tablet on the bottom bracket, loop the top bracket to the top of the device and there it is: your very own slip-proof tablet stand or easel. It will work with almost any tablet larger than 5 ½ inches. If you don’t like the angle of the easel, it is adjustable. If you are afraid that someone using it may push too far, it comes with a suction cup to anchor the Kribbitt to a flat surface.


February 22nd, 2013

Surface Pro – What’s the excitement about?

Jeremy and I chat about the differences between the Microsoft Surface Pro and the iPad.

February 9th, 2013

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

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Microsoft adds a laptop to the tablet mix:

The Surface Pro

On Saturday February 9, the Surface Pro by Microsoft hits the street.

The nerds of the world are calling the hardware impressive and the software… well it’s running a full version of Windows. There is no accommodating mobile versions of apps on this tablet. I’m very excited that there is finally a choice for tablet buyers that is more like a laptop packed into tablet form. Let me break down what the Surface has to offer.


Look & Feel: The Surface Pro is a 10 inch tablet. It weighs in at just under 1kg or 2lbs. There is a built in kick stand coming out the back so you don’t need a case just to stand it up. There is a pen that comes with it so you can use hand writing, draw or even edit photos with the ease of a Wacom powered stylus. The pen also magnetically attaches to the side of the tablet so you have somewhere to put it. The Surface Pro has a gorgeous 1080p screen with a resolution that is 1920×1080 in 16:9 shape. It’s a gorgeous screen that is a treat to your eyes.

Speeds & Feeds: The Surface isn’t comparable in specs to a tablet. It’s in the laptop class of power. It has an Intel i5-3317 Dual-core 1.7 GHz processor. That’s a laptop processor NOT a tablet processor. There’s also 4GB of ram and an Intel HD4000 graphics processor. That’s laptop specs found in current generation UltraBooks. It’s not what you usually find in a tablet. You can choose 64GB or 128Gb of fast flash storage. Don’t worry if you think that’s not enough for you there’s a slot for Micro SD cards so you can add more easily. There is also wireless N (up to 5GHz) and the newer Bluetooth 4. On the front and back of the Surface Pro there is 720p HD webcams.

Oh and this tablet has a USB port – a full sized USB 3.0 port. That means you can plug in all the pen drives, external hard drives, card readers, hubs, scanners, USB Plasma Balls, LED lights, presentation remotes, cell phones, USB hand warmers and anything else that connects to a Windows machine with USB. This is a tablet with laptop features.

Mini Display port is also found on the Surface Pro so you can connect it directly to a TV, monitor or projector using a VGA or HDMI adapter.

The Surface has a unique keyboard choice. There are two covers with built in keyboard that magnetically snap into place. You can choose from a light, super thin Touch Cover or a Type Cover with raised keys closer to a traditional laptop keyboard.

Don’t forget the Surface Pro gets the Pro part of its name because it’s running full Windows 8 Professional. Go ahead and install the complete Microsoft Office package, an accounting program, your preferred web browser, any security software you want – this is Windows after all. Your choice in apps is nearly infinite. You can also use the Microsoft App Store just like you can on a Windows 8 computer.

Come in and see it for yourself. We can help compare all the tablets so you can make an informed decision for yourself.


Learn more video links:


Julian Sanders – Computer Manager Saskatoon
in @LD_Saskatoon for @LDComputers


December 19th, 2012

Stocking Stuffers 2013 – Tech Talk

Watch Jeff and Julian talking about some high tech stocking stuffers. Link

More information about – Pinball – game controller – Livescribe Smartpen – Wacom Bamboo Tablets – Commercial Drive Coffee

Happy Holidays!

December 7th, 2012

12 Scams of Christmas

Don’t get hit by “Cyber Scrooges” this Christmas.  Digital threats don’t care that we all should be enjoying the holiday season.  McAfee, makers of security software for your digital devices, wants to help by identifying the 12 Scams of Christmas

1) Social Media Scams — Many consumers use social media sites to connect with family,friends and coworkers over the holidays, and cybercriminals use these channels to catchusers off guard. Here are some ways that criminals will use these avenues to obtain shopper’s gift money, identity or other personal information:

• Scammers use channels like Facebook and Twitter in the same way they use email and websites to scam consumers during the holidays. Be careful when clicking on or liking posts while taking advantage of contests, ads and special deals that you get from your “friends” that advertise the hottest holiday gifts, exclusive discounts at local stores and holiday-related job postings. Be on the lookout for your friends’ accounts being hacked and sending out fake alerts to all their connections.

• Twitter ads and special discounts for popular gifts are especially huge around Boxing Day, and they utilize blind, shortened links that may be malicious.

Criminals are getting savvier with authentic-looking social ads and deals that take consumers to legitimate-looking websites. In order to take advantage of the deals or contests, they ask users for personal information including their credit card number, email address, phone number and home address.

2) Malicious Mobile Apps — Earlier this year, both Apple® and GoogleTM announced that they had each garnered more than 25 billion downloads from their app stores. But as the popularity of mobile applications has grown, so has the chance that users could download a malicious application designed to steal their information or even send out premium-rate text messages from their phones without their knowledge.

3) Travel Scams — Before shoppers make holiday travel plans to visit family and friends, they need to keep in mind that scammers want to hook them with too-good-to-be-true deals. Phony travel webpages with beautiful pictures and rock-bottom prices are used to entice users to hand over their financial details.

4) Holiday Spam/Phishing — Many of the spam emails that shoppers are used to seeing will take on holiday themes. Cheap designer watches and pharmaceuticals may be advertised as the “perfect gift” for that special someone.

5) iPhone 5, iPad and Other Hot Holiday Gift Scams — The excitement and buzz surrounding Apple’s new iPhone® 5 and iPad® Mini create the perfect environment for cybercrooks to plot and carry out their scams. They mention must-have holiday gifts in dangerous links, phony contests and phishing emails to grab readers’ attention and entice them to reveal personal information or click on a dangerous link that could download malware onto their machines.

6) Skype Message Scare — People around the world will use Skype to connect with loved ones this holiday season, but they need to be aware of a new Skype message scam that attempts to infect their machines and even hold their files for ransom.

7) Bogus Gift Cards — Another tactic used by cybercriminals is to offer bogus gift cards online. Shoppers need to be wary of purchasing from third parties to avoid the risk being scammed.

8) Holiday SMiShing “SMiShing” is phishing via text message. Just like with email phishing, scammers pretend to represent legitimate organizations in order to lure shoppers into revealing information or performing an action they normally wouldn’t do.

9) Phony E-tailers — Phony e-commerce sites that appear real try to lure users into typing in their credit card number and other personal details, often by promoting great deals. But after giving this information, shoppers never receive the merchandise and their personal information is put at risk.

10) Fake Charities — This is one of the biggest scams of every holiday season. As holiday revelers open up their hearts and wallets, the criminals hope to take advantage of their generosity by sending spam emails advertising fake charities.

11) Dangerous e-Cards — E-cards are a popular way to send a quick “thank you” or holiday greeting, but some are malicious and may contain spyware or viruses that download onto users’ computers once they click on the link to view the greeting.

12)Phony Classifieds — Online classified sites may be a great place to look for holiday gifts and part-time jobs, but beware of phony offers that ask for too much personal information or ask for funds to be wired via Western Union, since these are most likely scams.


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