June 26th, 2015

Hot New Games for July!

June flew by and now we’re into a hot summer!  Don’t want to go outside?  Then stay inside and play games set outside!  This month we have the latest installments in the PGA Tour and Formula 1 sports franchises as well as an all new Wolfenstein game.  Let’s dive in!

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour


Release Date: July 14th
Platforms: XBOX One, PlayStation 4

The first new EA golf game since the late 1990s to not have Tiger Woods on the cover, EA’s new PGA Tour features current world #1 Rory McIlroy.  The new game features course rendered on the Frostbite engine, rendering an entire course at once rather than on a hole-by-hole basis, reducing load times significantly.  More importantly it will feature many real world courses including Royal Troon, St Andrews, Sawgrass, and more!  There will also be some new challenges including a game set on a battlefield map and one inside a nightclub, as well as one in the Grand Canyon.  A must have for any sports fan!


June 4th, 2015

Summer is heating up! Let’s take a look at the upcoming games in June!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited


Release Date: June 9th
Platforms: XBOX One, PlayStation 4

The Elder Scrolls arrives on XBOX One and PlayStation 4 this month as the popular MMO finally launches on next generation consoles.  If you’ve been waiting to get back to Tamriel now is the time!  Experience all the quests, towns, villages, monsters, and story that have made The Elder Scrolls games so memorable, this time with next generation graphics.

Remember with this one that while no subscription is required you can only play with people on the same platform.


May 6th, 2015

Cameras, tripods and selfies on Tech Talk

London Drugs tech expert, David Levett, sat down on CTV Morning Live in Regina to discuss the latest cameras, camera accessories, and Mother’s Day gift ideas in celebration of Photo Month.Canon Rebel T6i

David started his discussion by mentioning the new camera upgrades to the Canon Rebel T6I. Since last year, a wireless system linked to a mobile device has been installed in the Canon Rebel T6I. By downloading an app, the camera can be placed on any tripod to take photos and zoom anywhere you like from the control of your cellphone.

The waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof Nikon S33 was next on the list of cameras to talk about. The camera comes with oversized buttons, which make it extremely user friendly. David matched the Nikon S33 with the GorillNikon Coolpixa Pod, which can wrap around objects with its durable and flexible legs. This tripod is ideal for latching onto objects that usually wouldn’t act as a great surface for tripods, such as the branches of a tree.

The Table Tripod is a very straightforward Tripod that is compatible with any camera of camcorder. David also mentioned the Travel Tripod, which is made out of a carbon fibre weave. The light, airy fixture makes travelling easy and hassle free.

Finally, David discussed the well-known Selfie Stick that has been making headlines lately. The Selfie Stick can be hooked up to a device on your cellphone that will allow you to zoom and take pictures with the click of a button, which is perfect for those much needed group photos.

April 27th, 2015

Tech Talk with GoPro and 3DR Drone

If you haven’t already heard, GoPro’s are the next big thing and London Drugs has all the accessories and items you need to capture the perfect video. On Monday, April 20th, London Drugs tech expert David Levett sat down with anchor Darrell Rumold on CTV Morning Live in Regina to discuss the latest GoPro and some of the newest accessories to go with it.


April 24th, 2015

London Drugs hosts first #LDFotoCon Consumer Photography Show in Vancouver


London Drugs is pleased to present its first #LDFotoCon Consumer Photography Show taking place in six locations throughout the month of May. Customers can learn the ins and outs of digital cameras and photography with the help of expert photographers and representatives from top manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Microsoft and Fuji.

With workshops happening throughout the day, amateur and prosumer photographers can discover how easy it is to capture images that will take their photos to the next level.


April 8th, 2015

Fitness Gadgets to get the most out of your fitness

Have you ever needed that extra little bit of motivation, or a reminder to get active? London Drugs tech expert David Levett sat down with anchor Darrell Rumold on CTV Morning Live in Regina to discuss some of the newest products on the market for monitoring fitness.

For someone looking for something simple, yet effective for fitness tracking, FitBit might be the perfect choice. These activity trackers are a very user-friendly option and are best suited for entry-level to average fitness trackers who want something simple. David showed off the FitBit Charge HR model, capable of tracking essential fitness measures like steps taken, calories burned and active minutes. The charge also acts a watch and is able to sync wireless to any laptop or smartphone. FitBit can also monitor one’s sleep. David explained in the newscast how the FitBit would track sleep and then display on an iPad the amount and quality of sleep he had. Starting as low as $70, FitBit provides an affordable option for users who want effective fitness monitoring without complexities.


March 13th, 2015

Security Cameras – which one is right for you?

Have you ever thought about finding out what animals get into your garbage at night? Or how about keeping tabs on the safety of your newborn baby? London Drugs Tech Expert, David Levett, sat down with Darrell Romuld on CTV Regina Morning Live to discuss a few devices suitable for home security. David mentioned the variety of security cameras that range from entry-level to more advanced devices. He even hooked into his security camera at home on his tablet to show the features some of the more innovative devices have. By viewing the live stream from a smartphone or tablet, an individual can actually control where the camera focuses with the swipe of a finger. David wrapped up by discussing the multiple ways an individual can use these devices such as monitoring the office, garage, or even nursery upstairs.

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